Cool Links For Cool People

1d973ae44dd48772725e9c086e957482Hi My Loves,

Sometimes all a girl needs is a sleep in, a long shower, bacon and eggs for breakfast and some time looking at some beautiful pictures. Downtime on a rainy day is good for the soul. Work wise I’m trapped between editing, new story ideas and 2nd draft of a story I abandoned last year, I’m not to sure which road I’m going down yet but networking wise I have been connecting with some beautiful and smart women. Joanie, Grace, Jenny and Melody. All talented women in their fields. All inspiring. Get inspired with these links

Some Music To Start

Badass Ideas For A Grown-Up Slumber Party

29 Things That Happen On Every Episode Of “Vanderpump Rules”

10 Castles Around The World That You Could Own Right Now

The Top 4 Celebrity Styling Tricks Every Woman Should Know

A Little Writing Help With Erin 

Spicy, Garlicky, Limey, Tender And Rich…Oven Baked Salmon At Its Best

Finding Authentic Friendship In A Manic World

An Early Contender For Dad Of The Year

Insider’s Guide to the Lower East Side


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