Music Monday: Christina Perri

10849753_10152735112982771_5683069463143596879_nHi My Loves,

In 2010 So You Think You Can Dance started in all for this artist, well at least for her position in the public eye. They asked her to perform a song she had written, break-up anthem called Jar of Hearts. Christina Perri had been supporting herself as a café manager in Beverly Hills until the world heard her song and connected with it so much that a deal with Atlantic Records wasn’t far behind.

When Christina Perri moved to Los Angeles with a suitcase and a guitar, she posted YouTube videos of herself performing her own songs, as well as covers and now had a record deal, the world was hers. The first time I heard her song it was her song A Thousand Years which was of course used in the twilight film Breaking Dawn. I haven’t seen the movie, I actively avoid anything to do with the movies and sadly I did myself an injustice because that meant I didn’t connect with Christina music straight away and I always associated with anything tween, which was completely my fault and I can honestly say a huge mistake.


I heard her new song The Words and I quickly had it on repeat for about two days and started following her on twitter as she counted down the day to the release of the music video. I had connected with the song so much at the point that I couldn’t wait and when the day came – I wasn’t disappointed because it’s an amazing clip. As is the rest of her second album

Her voice is truly unique and haunting, you can feel the emotion in every note she sings and I think that’s why she connects with so many people. There was no faking it until she made it. No big production, no elaborate costumes. Just a girl, her guitar, piano and the truth



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