Music Monday: Mandy Moore


There are so many actors and actresses that have dipped a toe in the music water. Its sometimes difficult to remember that sometimes it can happen the other way around. As it did with this week’s lady of music

So let’s take a road trip back to 1999 – when Britney was a magic word. Christina was doing her best Aladdin impression . A time when Sugar and Spice was the music industries stock and trade

Enter – I’ll be forever yours Love always, Mandy – Mandy Moore and her hit Candy. If I was to show person what my high school days were all about. It would be the Candy music video and I say  that with nothing with love in my heart. – The suburbia, the second storey bedroom, the mid-riffs , the VW Bug and the Sony Walkman

In 2000, Moore sang the theme song to the dance hit movie Center Stage – which became her first Top 30 song in the US, peaking at number 24 on the Hot 100 chart. By 2001, Mandy Moore had already begun working on her third self-titled studio album, which was said to stray from the “bubblegum pop” sound she had come to be known for. The album’s lead single, In My Pocket was released on May, 2001. And contained pumping, Indian influenced Eurodisco sound and is still one of my favorite of her songs. Her single titled Crush , was released on August of that same year – her A Walk To Remember co-star Shane West appeared in the video clip

The moment I fell in love with her music was her album Coverage – The album consisted of covers of songs released throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Apparently the record company was a little taken back by this –  Mandy picked classic tunes and albums by singers/songwriters. She picked her album tunes not because they were famous, but because she enjoyed the songs. Some she had been familiar with for years and others were more recent finds, but either way, she wanted to expose a new generation to these great songs. My two favorites are Mona Lisa and Mad Hatters and Have a Little Faith in Me


She balanced a successful film career with her music career. Following Coverage with one of my favorites of her albums Wild Hope. You know that album you play so much that you have to put it away  in fear of one day hating it. This is that album for me

Wild Hope was released on June 2007, and includes collaborations with artists Chantal Kreviazuk, Rachael Yamagata, Lori McKenna and The Weepies.Mandy stayed alone in a house in Woodstock in Upstate New York while recording the album in late 2006. For some reason the album reminds me of the sounds of Laurel Canyon in the sixties and seventies. Its honest and heartfelt. Lovely and calming, yet puts you in a good mood and makes you root for the person she is.

Her last album was Amanda Leigh and was a clear deviation from her past recordings. keeping the music organic but still honest and true. My favorite track is Bug

Mandy is far better musician than she’s often given credit for

If you are only just discovering Mandy through acting career or just discovering that she has a music career – plus take the time to go through everything you can. There was many gems in this crown and that’s why I love Mandy



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