Freud, Oprah & Florence Nightingale: The Anatomy Of The Good Girl And The Bad Boy


Once upon a time there was a smart, beautiful princess with an old soul and heart as wide as the ocean. While most other princess went to  the ball and longed to dance with the handsome prince

This beautiful princess, never could see what the other princess saw in a guy like that.

She preferred something else.

She always fell for the dark, quiet wizard, that stood in the corner, out of place. With a chip on his shoulder and a smart ass attitude, with no respect for any authority other than himself because the dark, quiet wizard, was a law onto himself.

No matter how many dances or galas the princess went to – She was always drawn to the wizards of the world. They were dangerous, oh so dangerous and she knew it. The smart beautiful  princess couldn’t help but be drawn to it. The madness. The darkness. She tried with all her will power, but there was no hope.

Princesses, never can help who they fall for.

Its a story, as old has time. It’s cliché but oh so true and yes

I am one of those women.

The sad thing is, we know just how wrong it is. We know how dangerous it is but we do it every time. We even question it in ourselves, just like I did a few weeks back


While watching a very popular Australian TV series about, not surprisingly – gangsters and corrupt cops. Throughout the course of the series I watched these characters do some horrid things, some stupid things, some downright dangerous things and some damn smart things too. Mayhem and anger left right and centre. I loved it.

I messaged my friend – the friend that knows all my secrets and embraces them, because that’s me.

It was a run on conversation from the day before about anger, men and what the hell was wrong with us.


I mean I know that’s wrong. I mean, just why. A part of me wanted to bring Sigmund Freud back to life – just so he could figure it out.

Turns out I didn’t need Freud – My Girl, had my back.

She messaged back

It’s not so much the anger. You want to be the one that calms him down


My friend turned into Oprah


You get a self-realisation and You get a self-realisation. Everybody gets self-realisations!!!!!!!

I don’t want to change them. Let’s be adult about this – that never works.

I don’t want to change a wolf into a puppy. I like the fact that he is a wolf, it’s what attracted me to him in the first place but to be the one, maybe the only one that can help, soothe or make a difference – is that what it is?



Maybe it’s  a degree of Florence Nightingale syndrome – which I am also really good at by the way.

Maybe it’s a degree of power – for both parties. There is power in being the only person that can calm them down – and well – bad guys, gangsters, misunderstood villains – fictional and non fictional –  they always have power.

Women and men in power – that has been an attraction that has been around since the dawn of time.

Maybe we just like the unpredictability of a man like that.

One thing is for sure – This whole thing just gave me more questions.

One thing is for certain – I like this about myself. It’s who I am. Good, bad, ugly, or bitter end. There isn’t actually anything I can do about it

I am a princess who likes the dark demented wizard



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