Music Monday: Ella Henderson


A lot of people throw shade about the people on television shows like the X-Factor but they do find talent, that maybe would have never been found. Much like this week’s lady Ella Henderson

Auditioning at the age of sixteen. Singing one of her own songs that she had written for her grandfather, who she had been preforming for from a young age. It wasn’t surprising that she was successful

Ella Henderson stole our hearts

Her shock elimination later in the series was one of that year’s biggest talking point, sending everybody onto a spin including record companies. Sending them into a bidding war but when everything said and done. The world is a better place for the talents of an artist like her

“The thing with me though is I came from X Factor when I was only 16 and I knew I had a lot of growing up to do as a person. I needed to find my feet because I wanted the music to sound right, but ultimately I wanted to be ready. I wanted to be mentally and physically capable of dealing with everything that comes with doing this job. I now feel ready for all outcomes and just want to take it all on.”

Her voice ethereal and enchanting. Warm and real. Songs that are powerful and about something real. Real life, real emotions. Songwriters like Ryan Tedder of One Republic  and Salaam Remi – who worked perfectly with Amy Winehouse, were lining up to work with her


She wanted to take the elements of music that she grown up with, like Motown and soul, with modern music she loved and stuff her dad listened to from the eighties. Setting herself goals every time she set foot in the studio. Learn things not only about songwriting but production and anything else she could pick up.

The outcome was her album Chapter One – with touching, inspirational, polished, confident songs and an album full of quality, which gave her a UK number one hit “Ghost“.

Once you hit the late night show circuit, you know you have made it. Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman soon followed before the insanely popular show The Vampire Diaries, opened doors and showcased Ella to a whole new audience, increasing her ever growing popularity

Ella once said in an interview ‘I was worried people would forget about me’

With music that is unique, uplifting and incomparable. I don’t think that will ever be possible. Sometimes that old saying quality over quantity rings so very true. Ella is one of those rare acts that remind us of that, every time we listen to her



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