Music Monday:Laura Marling


My girl Hayley brought this singer into my life – nothing builds a friendship like music. So this week belongs to Laura Marling.

A Brit Award winner former member of Noah and the Whale, performer at Glastonbury in 2010 and music being used in the smash hit Peaky Blinders.

This woman is destined for great things

At the age of eighteen she released her first album Alas I Cannot Swim winning comparisons to Kate Bush or Joni Mitchell. With smooth vocals over deft fingerpicked guitars and Celtic violin throughout the album

Her second album –I Speak Because I Can  – she read Jane Eyre three times in the three months before she made the album. Also drawing influences for Margaret Atwood’s novella, The Penelopiad, a counterpoint to Homer’s epic .Giving it a dark romance quality, with backing vocals from Marcus Mumford. Following it up with her third album, A Creature I Don’t Know, was released in 2011. The album reached number four on the UK album charts

After quitting music in 2012 to train as a chef. She convinced herself a life in music would not last. Thankfully for the music world, Laura couldn’t help but come back to what she loved.

When I play, I am very much in the space where I was when I wrote the music. You could slay me quite easily, I’m at my most vulnerable. I am very private, in all aspects of my life, to everybody, so why is it that I get up on stage every night and open myself in front of strangers? I’m not sure if I’ve got the bottle for it, any more

She performed stripped-back versions of Master Hunter and Once on Later…with Jools Holland in 2013 off her fourth studio album Once I Was an Eagle – followed by her fifth studio album Short Movie – this time, moving and exploring the city of angels in her first self-produced record


 Laura Marling is one of those rare artists that can release an album every two years and not lose herself, her sound or the quality of the things that she creates

She made her directorial debut off her recent album Semper Femina in November for her song Soothing and followed,  mere days ago directing the video for  her next song off the album – Next Time.

She also stared in a short movie about a dreamer in a school bus picks up a mysterious young woman on a stretch of open desert road called Woman Driver

Everything and anything that Laura Marling sets her sights on, it seems like she succeeds



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