Strangers On A Train

Woman and train
{via Ch-ch-change The Room}

I’m going to tell you a story. About something I did, that I am not so proud about.

Once upon a time I was walking to the train station with two of my friends who I work with. We got on to the platform and we saw a young woman. She was all dressed up, I mean she did looked really good but we saw her and all looked at each other and judged her for being all dressed up at four o’clock in the afternoon.

Basically ‘Wow, Check This Out’ and not in a nice way

Judgy Wudgy was a bear. Judgy Wudgy was unfair.

We all hopped on the train and all stood  in the section near the doors – with the woman that we had silently been bitches about. – Yes, she still looked effortlessly amazing

It was near Christmas and the sales were on. My friend and I were obsessed with perfume. At that stage I had brought three and my friend had brought more.

{Daily Mail}

So we were talking about what we brought and what the others we had our eye on. We both had Victoria Beckham Signature but I had my eye on Intimately Beckham

The stunning woman joined our conversation. Told us that she had Intimately Beckham and she love it. She opened her bag, took out the bottle, which she was carrying it with her. She let me try it on. Yeah, the woman I had needlessly been a bitch about was basically an angel.

She let us go back to our conversation and that was the end of that

There are unquestionably four events  in the past five years that have changed me as a person

Going to Europe and learning how big the world actually is

Turning thirty and learning who I truly was and accepting it

The Boston Marathon Bombing – which taught me. The places I loved weren’t immune to the horror of the world. – To be grateful for the simple things in life, like walking on your own two feet  and how love, courage, kindness can behind strength


Judging this woman – taught me never to make snap judgement ever again and I never have. I just wish I could apologies to the woman for judging her


You never know how one single person can change your life or the outlook of your life.

Even if it’s a complete stranger, you met for five minutes  over perfume

Life has a way of teaching you the right lessons at the right time

You just have to pay attention



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