Weekend Wonders


I read a quote the other day and I thought it was brilliant. It said – Everybody has a chapter, they don’t read out loud.

We all do things we are not proud of. Some things that we wanted at one time and it lead to a mistake. Or lead us to do something, we would rather other people not know about. You know if you have a couple of those chapters, it’s okay. That just means you are actually out there, living life.  No else needs to know, unless you want them too. Don’t re-live the mistake. Plan the future stepping stones

Adventures In Lake Como

Life Lessons With Jeff Bridges

Why Disobedience Is An Art Form

For Every Girl Who Hate Getting Her Picture Taken

Tips For Women Writing About Men

Sara Bareilles, + Leslie Odom, Jr

The First Time In 30 Years

Pre-Holiday Money-Saving Challenge

Think Warm Thoughts

Work From Anywhere In The World


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