Music Monday: Grace Potter


What if I told you that there was a woman that had a honorary bachelor of arts degree, was a rock goddess that has strut herself  with the likes of Mick Jagger and Heart.  A patron of Alzheimer’s Association, breast cancer awareness and worked with NASA to acknowledge accomplishments of past, present and future women of NASA

She sounds like a super hero, right?

This lady is none other than the amazing Grace Potter.

After five albums as the front woman of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Grace  decided to take  a chance. She is no shrinking violet and not one to shy away from a challenge. Grace is more likely to find some higher heels, readjusted her mini dress, tune the guitar and sing her day away, to prove she can

Being a huge Grace Potter and the Nocturnals fan ,  as I was. Delirious doesn’t even describe how I was feeling, Many questions followed. Would it be the same sound? Would it be the Grace we all know and love?


If Daft Punk, Donna Summers, a pop princess and a rock goddess adopted an album and raised it as their own – it would be her solo album Midnight.

The most amazing quality of this album  is  that it is brimmed to the edges with desire and sexuality but strangely isn’t  in your face with it either. Its high energy, high octane, high spirited.

Synthesized, sensual, sweet without losing any element of storytelling.

“Writing was scarier because suddenly I was in uncharted waters. I had no outside perspectives to take into account. It was all me, only from my point of view — and that was powerful. But the music really did the work for me. By removing the boundary of trying to be the pied piper, leading all these people along for the collective experience, I came to terms with a lot of music inside me that was unexpressed…”

You know I always say – have a listen and see what speaks to you. So I never tell you what songs I think are the best , because you will connect with something different – because just like music, storytelling and songs. We are all different


But what I will tell you is. I’ve found two anthems on this one album. Which gives me the get up and go. If you want the chase the dreams anthems. The never give up anthems. Go no further than Look What We’ve Become and Instigators

Odds are if you have heard Grace’s music before. You will love the places that she will take you. It maybe not be Nocturnal land,  but the scenery is just as amazing and if you’re only just discovering Grace Potter for the first time now. You’re in for one wild, powerful ride.



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