Dreaming Is Worth The Fight


Every week on Instagram I post  something called – Friday Mood. A picture that catches my eye, speaks to me or is something I want to happen over the weekend or in life, in general

This week was a little different – . I posted a place, because sometimes a mood can be a place.

It was Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana (above)

Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to live in a place like this. Big antebellum house with a canopied path of oak trees leading up the house. White everything with dark wood floors. Parties on the veranda, blues and jazz streaming through the whole house. Gorgeous dresses and fur coat, faux of course but why we were wearing fur coat in the South is beyond me. People having a good time. I always thought I’d be happy in a place like that but then again I’ve always been drawn to all things that are Southern.

It’s funny that dream has never really changed into adulthood.  I have no idea where this image and idea has come from but it has always stayed with me but I do kind of still want it.

Then again, as you grow older I think you collect dreams.

Whenever I have a bad day or my friend is having a bad day. We’ll message each other and say – Meet me at the airport. We’re going to Los Angeles. Don’t bother packing. We’ll buy clothes over there.

That our dream. Take Los Angeles by storm, side by side. Even if it is only  for a few weeks. All the beaches, mountains and mansions

Then there is the place I want in Lake Tahoe.  The place I’ve invited all my friends too already even though I don’t know where the house actually is, but we have all agreed and we’ve planned the shenanigans


You see, the dreaming is free and the way I see it. Reality has no place anywhere near dreams. It doesn’t matter how many dreams you have or how different they are from one another. How big. How small. How ridiculous. How many people tell you are wrong.

The right dream will stick. The path you have thought of ,will be paved because that is the path for you.

You’ll have to work impossibly hard for it. You’ll have to seek the opportunities but if that is the dream for you, there will be a way. I promise

My Loves, you know that I am a dreamy girl and I will always talk to you about dreams because I think it’s something that doesn’t get spoken about enough. I think once you talk about what you want – you’re setting it free, for the world, fate or the universe to pick up and help you with.

Don’t be scared to push the boundaries of the norm to find your happiness.

We’re very lucky, the place we are in now. The generations we are coming into.

There is no more of the – You must understand that you don’t get above your raising* or The difference between what should be and what’s so*

Thank god for the rebels before us, that fought for something different. Fought for their own type of happiness . Which has made it that much easier for us to reach for the stars and chase our dreams, no matter what they are

There is no more suck it up and deal with it. Whatever situation that IT might be.

There is great benefit in fighting for what you believe in. The life you want to live. Fighting for the person you want to become or the world you want to live in.

Whatever you are fighting for or against, just remember.

It all started because of a dream


* as John Paul White wrote in  his song ‘What’s So’


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