Music Monday: Jake Bugg

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I feel like whenever a male  singer/songwriter that is good on guitar shows up and does well that the comparison to Bob Dylan is always  gets thrown around  but maybe, just maybe this one time, there maybe be some truth in it. I mean if Bob Dylan, had the F You, I’m British and don’t give a hoot – attitude. Maybe such a unique voice like these only come around once every generation.

Maybe we were lucky enough to get Jake Bugg.

Ironical British  and everything and that comes with that including the disdainful scowl he has perfected for television and photo shoots. The kid of musical parents was selected to perform at Glastonbury in 2011 at the age of 17. His first and self-titled dropped a year later.

Topping the charts with his debut album in 2012, sold-out US tour, toured with The Black Keys and Noel Gallagher and when he actually has a day off, its because his manager has made him.

His first song was written at the age of fourteen. Written on a Tuesday and called ‘Tuesday Morning’. That kid has come a long way since then.

He’s not  afraid to throw shade at other English artist calling the Mumford and Son ‘posh farmers with banjos’  and talking about himself with honesty  ‘Perhaps I’m not a nice person, but no one’s perfect’

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Oddly its this attitude  and way of living that gives Jake Bugg a particular charm and he brings a certain edge to the folk music revival that we have seen over the past few years. He somewhat become an overnight success (no such thing in my opinion, just hard work) with his first self titled album. He’s debut single Lighting Bolt brought the sound of the early sixties back to our radios. The whole album brought us a young man with a very old soul and the world seemed to love it

His second album Shangri La working with producer Rick Rubin, naming the album after the studio they worked in.  The album was down-to-earth and  authentic. Giving us some surprisingly sensitive moments and some slight country twang , showing use that the boy from Nottingham was maturing into quite a storyteller.

His more recent album On My Own he called his make or break album, take on the folk and blues traditions of half a century ago and trying his hand at hip hop for a second or two. No matter what he does or tries his hand at Jake Bugg is always unpredictable but always gives his whole heart.

How many musicians in the industry can say that these day?

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