Music Monday: Jackie & Ryan Soundtrack


I’ve been known to play this soundtrack way too loudly while I’m in the kitchen. I always have fun while listening to it.

First since this is a soundtrack, maybe I should tell you about the movie

Jackie and Ryan are at first drawn together by their mutual love of music. He is a vagabond going from town to town via the trains, jumping on them when he can, without getting caught and singing a little on the streets for money. Where Jackie is a former country singer, that by all accounts was pretty successful one but now divorced, living back in her smalltown with her mother.Trying  to make a living teaching to provide for her daughter.


If there is a third main character in this film it is the music.

Writer, director and  major talent that I adore Ami Canaan Mann, was in Austin to speak on a panel at South by Southwest –She was walking down the street, and heard a band playing. The music reminded her of growing up in Indiana and an event called The Fiddler’s Gathering. Hearing that music on the street, she stopped instantly to listen. As she listened to this band play. The story for Jackie and Ryan was imagined. The band was called The Stay All Night Rounders.She introduced herself to the banjo player, asked him a couple questions and then said, ‘I got to get your email because I’m going to write a story about you.’

The banjo player was Nick Hans. He became the composer and consultant for the movie and inspiration for the character of Ryan.


This is folk music at its most original, some songs are from nineteen twenties and thirties, covered by actors Ben Barnes and Katherine Heigl. Both of who placed their heart and souls into the movie but also the music to get it right. Also a handful of the songs  were written by Ami Canaan Mann and Nick Hans

Maybe that’s why this soundtrack stands out to me because its not dubbed by professional singers. Ami Canaan Mann has created the same authenticity that made her stop in the street that day. The authenticity of The Stay All Night Rounders and the way that Nick Hans live their lives.

Real. Authentic and Respectful

The objective of the movie  for the viewer to feel hopeful and that is most certainly what this soundtrack does



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