String of Commonality


Sometimes it is the most insignificant things that connect us and bring us together. You can build a heck of a lot on one string of commonality.

Wednesday night a television show come back on air. There is nothing that could change the world about an episode of tv but  it did bring a few friends of mine and I together for an hour and a half.

We sat on social media and chatted for most of the episode. With everything that came with that –  the ‘He’s Is Such A Babe’ and ‘Oh My God, What?’  – We’re girls. We do this type of thing.

Yes, we’re adult. We pay bills and have kids. We respectfully go about our lives when the alarm clock goes off the next morning

At the end of the day it’s only an episode of television – but for a night – it brings us together, to have a gossip and a sigh

I’m not going to lie we’re adult but at certain points – we do act like that three blonde chicks in Beauty and the Beast – that follow Gaston around


As I said, you can build a heck of a lot on one string or commonality.

I’ve known these women a long time, since high school. I care about them. I love them I would do anything for them.

It’s a show that brings us out of our busy lives and an hour and talk to each other. Tag each other on Facebook or Instagram, when something relates.

It’s the insignificant things like my caffeine habit, our favourite celebs or something that is just plain funny – that get tagged but underneath it all – what it really says is

Hey, saw this. Thought of you. Thought you might like it

Read that again

Thought of you

Sometimes we are so busy living our lives, doing what we do. Focusing on what other people need or focusing on our dreams. Ticking off all those boxes on our To-Do list. We don’t even think of ourselves, but here are our friends – thinking of us, in their busy lives and it’s all down to something like a television show or a coffee habit and our love of Kmart*

There are different ways to say “I Love You.” Or “You’re Important In My Life”  but when someone goes out of their way to do something for you, even if that thing is to make you smile and laugh for thirty seconds and gossip for an hour. You’re on to a good thing

Cherish it because those people care. 


* (side note: Australian Kmart, its different to Kmart around the globe or so I’m told)


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