Weekend Wonders


I was told this week  – Great achievements come from a single idea. That idea can be the tiniest thing in your life. I think the most important thing in  this life is, we keep thinking of those ideas and trying to achieve them. Be a maverick. Be the square, in a world of round. That will give you the ability to be innovative. Work to your strengths and let them shine because there will be those things that only you can do and do to perfection. Recognize them.

Just Outside Of Marcy’s – West 54

If Guys Vacationed Like Girls

Accepting The Single Status

Common Problems Old Souls Experience

Happiness To Meryl

A Curse That Held A Blessing

How to Dress like a French Woman

The 5 Best Places To Discover In Montmartre

5 Essential Decluttering Tips

Changing Tips Inspired By Deepak Chopra




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