Goodbye 2016


This was my 2016. Although not easy at times. This was one of the best things I have ever done.

It’s hard to take a step back and actually take a good hard look at yourself and the life that you are leading and list the things you want to change and say goodbye to the places where you have rooted yourself.

Scary, yes. Heartache, yes but I accepted that I wasn’t where I wanted to be.

Once I did that, amazing things happened – although not at first. I had to go it alone for a little while but I was rewarded in the end

I made new friendships. Strengthened existing one and rediscovered old reconnects that I thought for the most part were lost. I found people that are happy for me to have the things I have in my life. Encourage me to the point of kicking my little behind when I need it and most of all want me to succeed in life. As I do for them.

It’s difficult in this life to find people that are happy for your happiness. It’s sad but it is true. I’ve lost count of the amount of times in the past six months that I’ve heard and said to the people in my life.

I love you and I am so grateful you are in my life.

That is a very powerful thing. From the outside my life might not have seemed to change at all but on the inside, my life has change dramatically because of that love and acceptance.

{Photo via Pinterest/Made on Pixteller}

I am crazy, ambitious, obsessive, a dreamer, loving, caring and I have a grand plans for my life. Only now I am not ashamed of that and will not be made to feel that way. This is who I am.

I’m thankful for the people in my life who stand beside me and cheer me on because of it. Encourage my craziness, my dreams, my journey. I’m thankful for the laughter, the coffee dates, the hours of pointless conversations – planning storylines, dreams, vacations but most of all I am thankful for the love that I have been given this year

It has been a year unlike any other, for good and for bad, but mostly good. Which is what I focus on. Let the bad just fall away into yesterday.

I am thankful for all of you. My new friends. My old friends who stuck around throughout the craziness  of this year but most of all. I am thankful for the next chapter to come



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