Weekend Wonders


I have a handful of favorite movies that I will go to, for an extra pick me up and one of those movies is Factory Girl about Edie Sedgwick.It actually started my obsession with her. There is a quote that she says, in a restaurant as a waiter is asking her to stay for a minute and talk about her credit card

Edie turns to him and says

A minute? Why that’s a complete lifetime. I mean, there are things that are born, live and die in a minute. Don’t ask me what, dear, because I couldn’t tell you. But I have to go to Paris

It makes me remember how child-like she could be. How innocent. Edie always knew that she wouldn’t live for a long time. She made a lot of mistakes in her twenty eight years but one thing she did that we could all learn from. Is to live your life to the fullest and try to have the best time possible


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