She Went With Her Instincts


So I was wasting time on Pinterest the other day – because lets face that’s what Pinterest is and does. One of my favorite people in the world, lovingly calls it. The most productively inspiring waste of time on the planet.

Now Pinterest is kind of a double edge sword for writers because there is a world on inspiration on there for what you’re writing, who your characters are going to be or where they are going to go but there’s also some major Alice In Wonderland like massive rabbit holes on there. There are many pins, posts and pages to help us through but while all are made to aid us in our quest. What can happen is we get paralyzed with fear.

What if what we are writing isn’t good enough. I mean when faced with

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  • Cut the Clutter From Your Sentences
  • Overused Words in Writing: Try Cutting These Your Manuscript!
  • 33 Ways to Write Stronger Characters (and why they should be your #1 concern)
  • How to Write a Nationally Bestselling Book: The 10-Point Checklist

It is any wonder that we write anything at all. It’s no wonder that we can sometimes feel like frauds.

The thing about living any type of creative life is that you have to commit to what you are doing and we do put a lot of ourselves in our work. We make sacrifices just to do it and this is all before anything is published and out there for the world to see.

I used to and still do struggle with is  the originality of an idea.  When you want your work to be good and mean something – how can it  be, when five hundred other writers have written the same thing.

And the simple answer is

They don’t have your take on the story. At the end of the day. The fact is that its your take and your view on the idea, that is key.

Focus less on originality and more on sincerity. I don’t think it matters how many times a story has been told. What matters is you really mean it, when you tell it again ~ JGL

Trust in yourself and your own ability

I was reading the blog The Champagne Diet today and found out that

Chanel No. 5 perfume was said to be named after Coco’s lucky number, 5. She was given all the choices of perfume  to choose from .She picked number 5, blindly. The number five she felt was  her good luck charm and she had faith in it but she also had faith in herself

And that it has! One bottle of Chanel No. 5 is sold every 30 seconds. All around the world.

Could the same be said to all those other choices that were given to Coco that day?


She went with her instincts

There are so many silly rules out there when it comes to writing. Don’t use the word very. Don’t open a story talking about the weather. Don’t make a character too weak but also don’t make them too strong. Make them lovable but not too sugary sweet that they are unrealistic

Bottom-line is, take them on a journey. Be true to your instincts. Commit to your vision.

Be true to your story and the places you want to go.



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