The Craziness Of Writing Life

So this might be surprising to know but writers are writing all the time. Even if they’re not at a computer or with  a pen or paper. Our brains are always going. Always writing. So when we get an idea. The logical thought is once you get to the keyboard, that things would go smoothly but as in everything in life. Things never go as planned.

At First You Get An Idea & You’re All….


Then The Typing Happens….


But Because You Haven’t Planned It. You Stare At Your Screen Like….


But Then You Start Reading What You’ve Written & You’re All…..


And You Talk To Your Bestie & She Makes You Feel Normal & Actually Like A Queen


But You Keep Talking & Have A Conversation  That You Can Only With Your Bestie & You Get Another New Idea


Your Mind Is Like Crossroad Traffic With Multiple Story-lines and Twists & Turns. You’re Mentally Exhausted But Still Wanna Keep Going.


But Eventually You Figure It Out Because You Can Do This




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