Weekend Wonders


So an embarrassing thing happened to me today. I  realized while listening to the soundtrack to the movie The Boat That Rocked. What was the embarrassing thing you may ask.  I’ve been singing The McCoy’s song  Hang On Sloop wrong for over thirty years  – It’s not Hang On, Snoopy. Like my little youthful ear had heard in the back of the car, while my dad driving

Further insult to injury,  A Whiter Shade Of Pale isn’t called Fandango like I thought.

I feel like I need to hand in my Go-go Boots. Stop wearing my signature sixties eyeliner and forgo all rights to a record player

At least I do know, for an actual fact that the wind did actually, cry Mary

I have this weekend to redeem myself musically and you can look at this links if you like

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I Swear Its Snoopy


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