Make A List


You see things; and you say ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say ‘Why not?’  – George Bernard Shaw


I’ve always been that person that asks why or why not. I never see everything as too big, too extreme, too much , too far in fantasy not enough in reality

You know what – Screw reality – make it into your own reality

I don’t care if you think you are the most unimaginative person on the planet. You’ve had an idea. A plan. An ideal, of a better way to do things. We all have.

I think the most powerful enemy of any idea, invention or ideal is doubt and time.

That’s the thing about time.

We always think there is more of it. We’ll get there tomorrow. I’ll start next week. Time is always this far off thing in the distance, off on the horizon that we are constantly looking at and think there will always be more of. Time isn’t infinite. We are lucky to have one life and guess what? You only have one life and it’s the one you are living right now.

You are not entitled to anything while you are on this planet. You aren’t even entitled to your next breath. As dark as that may seem, it’s the truth.

You have to take a moment and sit with that idea. Think about all the things you want to do and make a list and then there is the most important step of all. Figure out a way to do the things on that list.

Will it be easy? Heck No

Will it be worth it? Heck Yes

Will you get to do everything on that list? Maybe not – but you know what? It’s worth a shot.


I don’t care what your age is. Will that affect the way you do some of those things on that list – yeah but that doesn’t mean you stop or don’t try at all.

Think about your own possibility because everything is possible in this world. Period. The difficult part is finding the right road for that possibility, to that goal. That dream. If you can’t find that road – build it. pave it.

If someone tells you, your dream. Your idea. Your finish line. Your bottom line  – whatever it is. If they tell you it’s ludicrous and they are so cruel to laugh at you. You laugh right back.

You don’t think that someone at some point or another said to a buddy in a tavern – after a few drinks . smoking their cigars, drinking their brandy, said

Hey Elmer, I’m going to invent a telephone that fit in your trouser pocket

Don’t be foolish, Teddy old boy. That’s insanity. Your head is up in the clouds


Think about that telephone in your pocket. In your hand. In your bag. We now live in a world that can’t live without their phones and those phones have more tech on them then the first computer. Which I am sure was called another ludicrous idea.

Someone else’s ludicrous. Is your possible

Be Audacious. Be Tenacious. Be Innovate.

Hell or high water. Do something astonishing with the time you have left but also be thankful for the time you’ve had and the lessons you have learnt.

Most of all. Never take no for an answer.

You get there if you’re brave enough to just start.



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