The Things I’ve Learnt ~ Part One


The past few years for me have been quite a journey. Not only world wise but more so, within myself. I took the long way around to get to know myself. I may be learnt it the hard way but that has just been my journey. I am stubborn and determined – two things both propel in this world but also leave me rooted in the soil of my own choosing. This seems to be a journey that women either find in our thirties or we just born knowing ourselves – there is no middle ground

As I said I took the long way around. So here are some of the things I’ve learnt

The World Is Vast 

It doesn’t stop at your backdoor or even at the end of your street. It is vast and beautiful. Something you really can’t understand until you start exploring it, walking through it, learning about it, touching pieces of history. Talking to people from every walk of life. Traveling makes you realize, the world doesn’t revolve around you or your life.

Go out and explore it. Enrich your life through your experiences

Your Responsibilities Will Always Be There

They wont go away. I’m sorry, they will haunt you but that’s not to say that you can’t have fun. Your kids, your family, dinner being cooked, bills being paid. Your nine to five will always be there but you can dream. Dreams are free. Dream as big as you want but also – have a plan , to make those dreams become a reality. The plan to make it, may take you twice as long to achieve but the flip side to that, is the rewards are so much sweeter when you get there

The Amount Of Time Spent  or Proximity In A Relationship, Doesn’t Mean Jack 

Friendship, Romantic or Family Relationships. The reality is the same. The amount of years spent in the relationship sadly doesn’t equal any loyalty. Notice how people treat you and where you are on their priority list. They will reveal themselves and how important your relationship is to them. If you feel uncomfortable, get out. Find a better fit. Find your own tribe. Never feel like you don’t fit in. You do, it just might be in a different place


Drama Queens And Martyrs Love A Coronation  

They love to wear a crown on their head. They will create situations just so they can wear that crown. Even if that drama is missing the bus. They will be proud to place that crown on their head and saunter around in the ornamented cloak. Let them. Don’t try to talk them down and definitely don’t try to talk sense. They don’t want to hear it. Now this is not to say they are bad people. They’re not but they do take more energy. Let them wear that crown.

Dreamers vs Non-Dreamers  

You will encounter two types of people. Dreamers and Non-Dreamers. The dreamers will encourage you, no matter the size of the dream. If you want to climb mountains that dreamer will hand you the ropes and ties and shout encouragement from the ground. The Non-Dreamers will still be in the parking lot, locked in the car, with the windows rolled up. Thinking you’re crazy. Never take this personality. It’s actually not about you. They are putting your dreams into their situation. It’s not about you – it’s about them. Believe it or not. Dreamers and Non-Dreamers need each other. The Non-Dreamers keep us dreamers on the summit of that mountain. Instead of floating up off into space.

Part 2 – This Time Next Week



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