The Rollercoaster That Is Friendships


I was having a conversation the other day and we were talking about the upside of getting older – which is the confidence you receive in yourself and your abilities. The acceptance of who you are, in spite of your flaws, embracing those flaws and how that makes you realize what is really important.

Which of course will be different for each person

Unfortunately with all this confidence, realization and clarity you figure out

Some people of your past – Don’t deserve the compassionate of your future.

I know that sounds harsh but that’s the reality.

When you’re a kid making friendship bracelets and making vows to be friends forever – it’s easy to believe in what you are saying

When you’re in high school and not thinking you’re still a kid – it’s still easy to believe that you’ll live in a fancy apartment with your friends and life will be everything you ever dreamed

In truth – The truth we learn, is that people grow and mature at different rates

People are like puzzle pieces and sometimes as the years roll on – two puzzle pieces may not fit together like they once did. That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with those puzzle pieces. One didn’t turn into the evil twin – sometimes nothing over dramatic happened to change or break that bond – they just simply didn’t fit anymore

That’s the harsh reality of any type of relationship

The silver lining of that cloud is – some friendships, neither time nor distance – can change.


Recently I was lucky enough to experience this for myself

After a decade of separation (social media withstanding) I caught up with a friend who I love and adore. Nothing had changed. We spent five hours talking over lunch. Non-stop talking. Not finishing stories because we were getting side tracked with other stories. Tears rolling down our face with laughter talking

Through the remember when’s – the what we have been up to – wanderlust adventures  – the adventures yet to come and one tale of a very experience pair of Jimmy Choos in Vegas, one thing was certain

Our connection hadn’t changed. Not one bit.

Sometimes we can be so weighted down with what went wrong and what didn’t work out. We miss what is right and what is still the same.

What brought on this random get together

Our mutual attraction to fictional sociopaths – That’s right – We heart psychos . They’re fictional, so it’s okay – no need for the straight jacket.

What a completely random thing to bring us back together but that’s what it was.

The key to relationships and life in general is to surrender.

Surrender the idea and expectations we have created in our mind on what life will be like and accept that life and friends will be what they destined to be.

Accept that everything isn’t in your control and above all accept any opportunity to reconnect with people of your past. That connection may still be there and that is worth the risk, for something true




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