I think artists in general our job is put on our lens and look at the world and see how the world makes sense to us and how that make sense to other people ~ Melody Gardot

Art – whatever art or anything you create, it is meant to move people. It’s meant to connect with people. It’s meant to make you think, maybe even change the way you think or see something. That’s if we are lucky

Being creative is taxing because you bare your soul and if you have integrity in your art or integrity in what you send out into the world, you will always battle yourself.

There are no rules.Its not scientific, its honesty.

You leave everything you have in whatever you are creating. Anything that you create, there is always a fair share of vulnerability, because you are in it. That’s your soul on that canvas,screen or page.

It would be quite easy to just create and hand it out like sugar at a chocolate factory but the catch is, if it’s that common or that easy to give away. My question is – does it lose its worth.


Maybe that’s why we choose the struggle – we want it to be worth something

Music is in my opinion – the most powerful form of art, because it has the ability to cut through all your own bullshit and can pierce your soul. It can pick you up and carry you when you think you can’t go on. It can speak for you when you can’t find the words. The amount of times I’ve been ready to throw it in – Forgot this path that I have chosen and do what everybody else is doing.Time like that,  I have a handful of songs I go to, that set me back on my path.

The lyrics talk to you and tell you everything you need to hear in that moment, to keep going – and you better believe there was songs I love with my whole heart but those songs that I think are brilliant –  they affect me so emotionally that I can’t listen to them. I don’t even know what or why.

If I connect with it on such a deep level that , those lyrics shatter me from the inside out or it’s a past life reconnecting with my current life  – who knows – but if I hear the open notes of The Beatles Yesterday – I dissolved into tears in seconds. Or if you watch  me listen  to Jeff Buckley’s version of Hallelujah – you’ll see a fully functional human being go to an emotional sobbing wreak in six minutes and fifty three seconds

But that is what great, timeless art is all about



Art – whatever form you choice to listen to or view, is heard, viewed or read differently – it connects differently.

Someone who hears the Beatles might hear bliss and another person might hear – tinny banging  and oooo-ings noise (I, of course don’t know any of those people. I don’t need that type of negativity in my life)

Someone might see Andy Warhol’s Tomato Soup Can and think it ridiculous – Another person might see the same painting and see a revolution

Someone might read Wuthering Heights and see a wild, passionate intense love story with one of the best male lead ever to grace literature history and someone else may see it, as Graham’s Lady Magazine reviewed it in 1848 –  It is a compound of vulgar depravity and unnatural horrors.

Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art. ~  Andy Warhol


That is what art is meant to do. Start conversation. Even if it is disagreement. Create connections. Ask questions

Make It. Create It. Push The Envelop. Ask The Different Questions. Be Brave.Be Vulnerable

While everybody is debating, loving and hating. Make some art.

Keep the conversation going



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