The Great American Dream vs Todays World


I was watching something the other day about the Great American Dream and how much the world and our wants and needs in life have changed. Now I’m not putting down the Great American Dream at all. If that’s what you want, go get it, but for me not being an American. I always thought the American Dream was your two point three kids and the house in Pleasantville. The pair of matching lab and little league for little Jimmy on Saturday morning and soccer for little Jenny.

The Great American Dream has changed through the decades

Each generation wants new symbols, new people, new names. They want to divorce themselves from their predecessors

– Jim Morrison

American Dream in 1930, is simply for everyone to have equal opportunity to live a better and more prosperous life. This was of course after the Great Depression

American Dream in 1940/50, any people escaped from busy city life to the suburbs, where housing was more affordable. Americans gained more material wealth. What I think of as the Pleasantville. The little wives would put on their little white gloves and do their best Donna Reed impersonation.

American Dream in 1960’s – Hello Rebellion. Burn those little white gloves. Turn up that rock n roll and let’s get a little muddy.


How about the American Dream vs The Rebel?

I will put my hand up and proudly say, I am that rebel. It’s kind of my Technicolor dream coat

In the 1930’s – I would have been thrown in a mental hospital and given electric shock therapy

In the 1940’s – I would have been that wide eyed girl moving to Hollywood be become a star. Meet a gangster met a boxing match, fall in love. Be murdered – people reading this that know me are laughing because they know it’s true

In the 1950’s – I would have been straight back to electric shock therapy – or deeply unhappy

In the 1960’s –  I would have been the girl to leave her well to do family and join a commune, believing it was utopia.

Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being ~ Albert Camus

What is the Great American Dream in today’s world?

We’re still fighting for equal opportunity. Equal equality. Greed is good. We spend more then we have. Rebellion is handed out like sugar and it’s in everything.

We walk different paths and we are allowed to do so. Some decided to move to Pleasantville with little Jimmy and Jenny. Some go into the wild because as JRR Tolkien said – Not all who wander are lost. Some of us just need solitude and space.


With so many choices, does the Great American Dream have a face anymore?

The only thing I could possibly think of was so simple that it is laughable


It was simply


The Great American Dream. The Great World Dream was simply

To Be Happy.

We are given so many opportunities. We are given so many roads to walk down, that our biggest decision is to choose the one that makes us the happiest.

Some of us will choose to live on the edge. Some of us will choose comfit and love within four walls. Some of us will walk every inch of this earth just for the experience.

We are given that opportunity because the people before fought for it, for us. Rebels that come before us. The housewives that come before us.  The soldiers that come before us. All the beating hearts that walked this earth before us

So find that thing that makes you walk on air. Use your desire to find that passion that makes your heart beat faster.

Anyone that stands in your way. Makes you feel bad for wanting what you want out of this life that you are fortunate to have. Tell them to shove a sock in their…….. mouth.

Happiness is ideal, it is the work of the imagination ~ Marquis de Sade

Use your imagination. Listen to your heart and go for whatever life you want to live. Dream as big as you want and be brave. Breathe Deep. Love More. Stay True. Shine Bright. Be Thankful. Be Yourself

The Great American Dream. The Great Of Humanity Is Happiness



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