Follow The Yellow Brick Road



I remember a defining moment in my childhood when I was in around the first grade and we had coloring in sheets with farm animals on them and I colored my sheep so it’s wool was blue.

I got in trouble from the teacher (maybe she was a sub teacher) anyway, I got in trouble and she gave me a new sheet because I had to color the animals in the colors they actually were.

Now maybe she had said this as she was handing out the coloring sheet and I wasn’t listening and I just don’t remember or I wasn’t listening – I mean I was six but the point is. I was creative and then got in trouble for it.

I still remember it like it was yesterday.

Sometimes creative people and  creative mind get a rep for who we just naturally are. Our minds are wired differently. Our eyes see the world in a different way – sometimes the more extreme of us do something outrageous like chop off their ears – which, okay. That was extreme

We’re always given the label of outcasts. We’re round pegs in a square world.

Of course we’re all different. Artists, writers, musicians, photographers, any creative field known to man, if you’re in that field. We’re different. We wouldn’t be able to creative anything if we weren’t. It’s our blessing and curse all wrapped up in a self-doubting bow.


Someone – Somewhere down the line in history – whoever that person or group of people were  – they – the collective them – decided that different was a bad thing.

It’s not.

Weird and thinking in any another color then black, white or grey  – is not a negative in life.

Sometimes you have to break barriers to break new grounds. Break the rules to see the beauty in the ordinary.


Embrace it. Accept it. Learn to love it, my little ones. It may take a little time but being different, being weird as you may be called, isn’t a horrible thing. Be brave enough to be yourself and see the world the way that you naturally do.

Live the way the way you want to live it

Never apologize for it.

If Dorothy never walked that very brightly color road, she wouldn’t have learnt all those lessons. She wouldn’t have learnt about herself

Imagine how different the world would be if all the pioneers and conquistadors hadn’t hit the road and explored it for themselves

Go with your heart and listen to your soul. If the whole world is turning right and every single fiber within you is saying turn left – turn left.

If they called you weird – that’s okay. Just smile, wave, pull a funny face at them and keep on the path of your choosing

There is a reason that it is yours and no one elses

It will lead you to greatness

Just please, please, please. Do not cut of your ear.


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