Dream Big & Keep Going


When I was graduating high school for the last week we all ran around the place with notebooks – I guess it was our version of yearbooks, since we didn’t really do the year book thing – There was these book you could buy that your friends could fill in standard questions – name, birthday, email address – all so we wouldn’t lose touch or would forgot each other

One of these questions was the persons favorite quote – the quote I always wrote was James Dean – Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.-  I had only just discovered Rebel Without A Cause and was smitten but  ninety eight percent of my book it is the same quote –

‘Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars’  which I have since found out was said by Norman Vincent Peale

Much can be said for my friends and our habit of dreaming. We can’t help it. Big or small dreams, we create them. Of course at seventeen and eighteen There was dreaming and we didn’t quite understand how difficult these dreams would be to achieve.

Slowly but surely we have all done some amazing things. I’ve seen friends build amazing families and become strong mothers and wives. I’ve witnessed countless friends live and create lives in foreign countries. Some have come back and some have stayed.

We have all caught the travel bug from Casablanca to Canada and everywhere in between. The one common thread is that we have all been to Londontown



What we couldn’t have imagine back when we were all imploring each other to shoot for the moon and live every day to the fullest. We didn’t and couldn’t understand how hard those dreams would be. We didn’t understand some days those dreams were going to kick our little backsides and leave us crying and sometimes fate would have other dreams for us

We all have gone down different avenues teachers, lawyers, fashion industry, photographers, working for our local council, yogis and life coaches but you know what hasn’t changed – our support for each other and those dreams

Back in January when I was a little lost for direction when it came to my writing ( like I am now) my friend Jody posted a quote from Johnny Depp ~ One day the people that didn’t believe you will tell everyone how they met you.  ~ for some reason it kind of hit me over the head and kicked my butt.

I mean I wanted this – what was the problem

I wrote back to her and thanked her because it was exactly what I needed to read in that moment. She kind of has a sixth sense that way. She wrote back straight away and told me to Dream Big & Keep Going  –  I told her I was trying – she wrote back and said – Just DO it xx


So I continued – I kept going – I’m still in a fog and I’m at that point where I’ve got so many idea in my head – My tornado brain is spinning with inspiration  as my friend Joan says but I keep going

Sure I don’t know which idea I am writing from day to day but I’m going – I’m doing and if any of my dreamer girls get lost  or breakdown on the desolate road to their dreams – I’ve got their back, a map and a jerrycan full of petrol

Because they would do the same for me




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