Weekend Wonders


Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned.  It is and there is nothing you can do about it, other than weather the storm. Bunker down and count to ten and wish for the best. In my experience nothing helps those days like turning Led Zeppelin’s Ramble On, on loud and disappearing into it. Laying on the floor and get lost in The Door’s The End. Singing along with CCR’s Fortunate Son at my desk at work or having a random dance party in your kitchen. That storm will pass as your having fun and you will look out the window and see sunshine and if not. Just keep dancing. The sun will show up in its own time

I’m Choosing Door Number Four.If They’re Offering Me Three

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3 Survival Tips for Those Who Are Lost

On Old-Fashioned BLTs, Meditation & Death By Chocolate

The Best Career Advice We’ve Ever Gotten

The 10 Most Instagrammable Spots in Chicago

The Glamour of Self-Destruction

30 Things I’m Happy I Tried and Learned Before 30

8 Tips on How to Influence Behaviour With Personalized Content

10 Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Writing



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