Tuesday morning I woke up late, like I had  the whole previous week. I then proceeded to rush around my house getting ready for my day. That’s life right. We do it, day in and day out. I somehow got a five minutes sit down, drunk some water and watched like three minutes of news and then rushed off again to catch my train. On the train I was dreaming of slow paced morning and for some strange reason, thinking of Los Angeles.

I found myself on the amazing website The New Potato reading an article on one of my favorite people on the whole entire planet and they asked him, what his ideal morning would be. He said Espresso, reading or mediation

and it hit me

A) Yes, that is the prefect morning

B) How long has it been since I mediated

C) Oh my lord, I haven’t done yoga since January

No wonder I have been feeling off lately.  I find that no matter what I’m doing physically, I always have a lot going on mentally. I’m not just talking about the writing side of life but just life in general.

Trying to save money. Trying to enjoy life. Learning about new things. Dreaming. Making plans. Trying to find peaceful solitude. to be alone with yourself and just freakin stop and breath

Then of course you have the normal get up, go to work, come home, cook dinner. Go to bed.

Get up and do it all again.

Weekends, end way too quickly. After the washing, drying, cooking, planning for the week. Houses. Friends. Family. Fitness

Geez, no wonder we get lost sometimes – especially around this time of the year.



Ok, now breathe. Big,deep, cleansing breath,  that you feel from the tip of your head to the tips of your toes.

Ground your feet and clear your mind

Get ready

Somewhere between the dreaming and the reality, we need to stop and realize just how lucky we are to have the lives we have. To have another day. A day that is not given to others.

Another day is precious

So make plans but be thankful for everything you have – never stop dreaming because that is the only way you truly fail  – but stop and appreciative of all you have now.

Try new things

Love with everything you have to give

Live in a way that you feel fulfilled but also live in a way that makes you truly yourself

Forgive yourself – Never regret anything.

At one point in your life you truly wanted it or desire it. Even if that desire led to a mistake – never regret it. Remember to forgive yourself for the mistake

Believe in tomorrow – because it’s a brand new start

Don’t get lost in the rat race and know your worth more then that



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