Its Just Another Day


Hey Beautiful Souls

So this morning I woke up at two twenty in the morning, not knowing what day of the week it was and craving Mexican food because I’d been dreaming that I had been at a Mexican restaurant with a guy. Not sure who the guy was, but he was there. After an hour of lying there refusing to get out of bed because well it was cold and too early in the morning. I finally got up at three thirty.

Could I have been in a bad mood because I woke up so early, yep maybe but it just meant that I got to not rush around like a chicken with its head chopped off. I got to glide into the week, instead ramming head first into Monday. Lord, who wants to do that.

My whole day changed.


For about I say- at a guess – a year ago, I’ve changed my way of thinking about life and this included Monday. After all it is only another day. We give Monday too much power. I mean think about it. Poor little Monday is just doing its job, showing up , giving Sunday a high-five and taking its place in the line-up and then everybody hates on it with vengeance

It’s not Mondays fault you don’t wait to get out of bed

It’s not Monday’s fault you don’t want to go to work

It’s not Mondays fault the kids won’t getup/get dressed/eat breakfast

Life can’t all be late night dance parties in your kitchen and lazy Sundays with your squad

Monday is just a day. Just another day.


Last week I was reading a post on The Champagne Diet  (If Cara is not on your weekly reading list – get on it. She’ll change your life)

One of the cornerstones for living The Champagne Diet Life is – Make everything beautiful.

Drink your coffee for a vintage tea cup – The theory is, life feels better when it’s pretty


So in the time I had in my very early morning I did one of the Champagne Diet Cornerstones For Living – which was simply , lighting scented candles first thing in the morning and you know what. It made a difference.

One thing I most always do is download a new song or album off itunes, just so I’ve got new tunes to enjoy on my way to work. Makes difference because I’m excited to get out the door.

It’s all about the little things you can do to improve your Monday and your life – day by day

And it all else fails

Just be grateful that you get to live another day

Even if it’s a Monday and you need to go to work




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