Weekend Wonders


So its Friday and you survived the week but that is life. Its series of days, that turns into weeks, months and then years. Each day is a time to celebrate, as is every morning because you get another day. It may sound silly but each day we get we need to be thankful for that day because we don’t know how many more days we are going to get.

What do we do with those days? Find something that sets your soul on fire. Something you’re deeply passionate about. It could be anything that makes your soul sing and your feet a little lighter. I don’t care what it is. Baking, scrap-booking, the wild and wacky world of bath bombs. I do not care . If it makes your heart beat a little faster. Go for it

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Must-Try Cocktails This Summer

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When You’re Misunderstood

Stunning Outdoor Living Spaces

How To Be Romantic




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