Stubborn Goals


Hi My Loves,

The subject of stubbornness came up the other day and let me tell you. I’ll put up my hand and admit to that one. I am stubborn but not in the way you would first think. I’m not stomp my foot, cross my arms and pout because I didn’t get my way stubborn. I am determined in what I want but flexible in the ways to get it.

I will toil and suffer and do without until I can do or have what I want.

Put away two hundred bucks a week away for a year, cooking huge meals, living off leftovers and mac and cheese so I can see the world with my sister.

Live off four hours sleep working eight hours in my nine to five job and ten hours on my writing life for four years – until I am endlessly sick and worn down. I have to stop writing for three months – to recover.

That’s the stubborn I am

I’m a pinner – yes, as in Pinterest – I’ll pin a multi-million dollar house in Lake Tahoe, keep it on my fridge  to remind myself on the goal. Yes, I want that house and it may take my thirty years on a very strict money saving plan and I’ll be sixty two when I get it and then Lake Tahoe may not be the  right place  to retire to but – I don’t care – I’ll have that house or one just like it.

Because that is what I want. God damn it



Some people may look at the price tag of that house and think ‘ There is no way I could ever afford that’

I look at that house and see what fun I could have  – Ava Gardner once said – “ When I’m old and grey, I want to have a house by the sea. And paint. With a lot of wonderful chums, good music, and booze around. And a damn good kitchen to cook in.”  – That’s what I saw for myself when I saw that house.

I saw it even more when I posted the photo of the view from the back deck as my cover photo on FB and my closest girls instantly started inviting themselves to my imaginary house that I haven’t brought yet.

That’s the thing about dreams – even extremely big, out of this world dreams.  They are so easier to believe in – if you have company who believe the same thing.

I guess the same can be said for being stubborn

Be flexible about the road take – but just make sure that the road you choose – leads you to your goal or even close to it. Feel free to detour, take in an adventure off course, but always get back on that road to that stubborn goal.



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