Amy, Amy, Amy…..


Hi My Loves,

Music is one of the most powerful things to ever grace this world. It’s connects people. It’s inspires people. Things and emotions are easier to tap into through music.

As powerful as music is, it is also  a deeply passionate thing.

I don’t think I can count the amount of times I’ve played a song to someone and they turn to me and say ‘yeah, it’s good’  and I just sat there and thought to myself ‘You don’t get it’

Of course they don’t. That song is personal to me. If they showed me a song that was deeply personal to them – I may not understand it on the level that they do, because it personal to them. That connection is different.

Amy Winehouse was like that for me.

I’ve always loved Amy, although my love for her music has grown stronger over the years and sadly mostly after her death. You see, I owned Back to Black but only listened to the few songs that were publicly released. I knew Back to Black sideways and backwards, there was something about the emotional and truth in that song that somehow told me that this song was instrumental in my life.


Sounds silly to say that about a song doesn’t? Feels silly typing it but it was how I felt. I still haven’t figured it out, the hows or the whys

I remember hearing her song Some Unholy War (the demo version) and finally understanding just how talented Amy was.I knew there was more to her the media who reported on her and the paparazzi who hunted her ( let’s face it) would lead me to believe.

I guess I was scared of losing her and I feared that what might happen. I didn’t want to fall too in love with the music because of it

But slowly song by song she crept into my life. I enjoyed singing her music. I feel different singing her music. If you connect with a song, you sing it differently. It means something.

Then it happened, just as I fell deeply in love with her music –  she was gone.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you I hope y’all enjoyed yourself at the Amy Winehouse Show. Feel free to come back, wherever you like., but for now you can exit on the left and the rear. Take your time, slowly but quickly. Get out

Much like Eric Clapton before her. Amy Winehouse was/is my happy place. In October I had the pleasure  of seeing the documentary Amy. To say that I went on a roller-coaster of emotions in two and a half hours would be an understatement. I know its had mixed reviews from the people close to her but I love it


Sometimes it felt too personal, like you were spying on her life, in places that wasn’t really any of your business but it also gave you insight to the person.Her as the person she was. A few things hit me over the head when people were talking about her

It was like music was a person to her and she needed it to need her back

Music consumed her and not her own music. She wished to be a jazz singer in small clubs.

She loved Tony Bennett and when asked about her he said ‘she a jazz singer in the purest form. Jazz singers don’t like to be watched by fifty thousand people’

It’s quite confronting when you see parts of yourself in other people – but in a comforting way. Did I know that in some way? Did I recognize something in her and that was the reason I connected with her music

Who knows?

Maybe somethings can never be explained, they just are. One thing I know is that As Tony Bennett mattered to Amy. As Sarah Vaughan mattered to Amy. She matters to me.


Music is one of the most powerful things to ever grace this world. It’s connects people. It’s inspires people. Things and emotions are easier to tap into

Music and emotions are what makes us human, so go listen to it

Find your own Amy



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