You’re A Diamond : Dating In The Modern World


Hi My Loves,

I was speaking to a Insta-friend of mine LJ last week and she had reposted a pic of an acclaimed actor –  at a photo-shoot on a private jet. LJ was saying that when she had been reading the comment that people had been writing below the photo one of the people had said ‘New Criteria: Bae must have a private jet’ and we started talking about how crazy that was. I hope that they were joking. One thing that LJ and I agreed wholeheartedly on was – if the guy – whoever that may be had a good heart and kind soul that was enough for us – the rest we’d work out together and if the private jet came along later after all the work – that would just be a bonus.

That’s just us

The comment got me thinking about dating and relationship in today’s world. It has become so backwards – if your criteria is Bae, whoever Bae might be has a private jet – good luck finding them.

If they are a complete and utter Arse-wipe who treats you and the people around them like the dirt on their shoes – is it okay as long as they have a private jet?

We hang out – we don’t date.

And let me tell you right now – for me – Netflix and Chill, actually means Netflix and Chill. I will be watching The Killing and my pants are staying on.

People Facebook stalk ex-girlfriends. Call her a bitch – I don’t know why – since she is in his past and you are in his future. Why be threatened?

I’ve been incredibly lucky to be the youngest in my family and I am the only girl in my generation on my Dad’s side of the family. Which although difficult at times growing up – I’ve learnt a lot of lessons from the men around me


My Dad worships the ground my mum walks on and works hard to give her everything she could want.

He saw her at a party and it was love at first sight.  He even remembers what she was wearing.

My eldest brother – same thing with his wife. Saw her twenty three years ago – that was it. They have been together ever since.

My second brother – well, devotion knows no bounds

They have set the bar for me. Anything  below that and it’s hit the road Jack and keep on moving.

The relationship world is crazy and we need to realize that – I could be so much better – We could make it better.

Let me explain

I am not high maintenance. I don’t need you to spend a  lot of money. I don’t need flowers all the time (surprises are appreciated though) or a crazy expensive restaurant

I don’t even care if you check out another  woman – I might even point one out to you. I have no problem in says a woman is hot.

What am I saying is…..we have lost touch on what is important.

I don’t care if you don’t have two dollars to rub together – if you want to change – if you’re willing to work for your dream – as your partner – I will be with you every step of the way.

I’ll pick you up when you need it – I’ll push you when you need it

As long as you do the same for me.

That’s the difference between a hook up and a partnership.


No one really dates anymore – but dating is like buying a pair of shoes. You have to try them on. You have to walk around  – sometimes it might to uncomfortable for a little while but sometimes shoes mold to your feet and those shoes make you feel confident and special

And sometimes some shoes are so uncomfortable that cut your feet and no matter the amount of time you can  or could walk around in them – they will never quite fit and that’s okay too. You can put them back on the shelf for someone else, who they will fit.

The skill lies in knowing that difference and knowing when to say – not the right one.

Life is too short to think you need to wear uncomfortable shoes – just because the shoes are expensive and fit your criteria of a perfect pair

Sometimes diamonds are just diamantes

And you’re a diamond – why would you spend your time – with plastic



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