Once upon a September after visiting The Pantheon, walking the cobblestone street with my sister, getting lost in the alleyways. We turned a corner and I found this

{Photo by Layla Genovese}

 When your heroine is named Gin and you stumble across this in a foreign country. It is definitely a Kodak moment but I wondered if it was a sign that I was on the right track. Like the universe was giving me a sign to keep going.

Let me catch you up. At the time my writing life hadn’t been going too well. Months later I decided that a story that I had work three years and three drafts. Just wasn’t working and I didn’t know how to fix it . As hard as it was for me. I mentally threw it away and chopped it down to experience. Even though I love Gin, Noah and Will so much and loved spending time in their lives. Somewhere between desperation and despair I decided they deserved better and I gave up.

Fast forward to this week and I found Noah and Gin sitting in my head saying  “How about we do this?”


So I did what I was told and started writing again.

I wrote eleven pages on how these two should met up again.

I brought a new notebook and started writing points and dialog which I am sure I will look at later and go – nope, not using but at least its writing

Tonight I thought back to that bar in Rome. Yes, of course it could have just been a bar for tourist hence that reason it was in English but maybe it wasn’t.

We were lost that day – we weren’t meant to turn that corner – as it turned out. We were near that Spanish Steps. The very same place we were the day before.

We were near this bar twice in as many days

Maybe it was a sign to not give up on this idea of mine.

Maybe it was the universe telling me not to give up

Keep going

I’m hoping for the second



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