Acceptance, Validation and Embrace Your Crazy

The Cast of The Romantics at their J.Crew photo shoot

A few months ago a trailer came out for a movie and I was like a kid at Christmas. There was a countdown to the release and with each passing day I got more and more excited. Since I live in a different time zone – when the trailer finally dropped – it was two o’clock in the afternoon and I was at my nine to five. I told myself that I could wait until I got home – I could watch it than

I couldn’t

I ended up watching, on my phone once I left the office, walking to the station. Wide eyed, blood pumping and a huge smile on my face.

And then I watched it again seconds later

I then shared it on Facebook because, well, I couldn’t be the only one to love this as much as I do.

A little while later I checked myself for getting so excited

I felt a little embarrassed – I could hear other people in my head say ‘It’s just a movie trailer, for Christ sake’

Then my friend messaged me with as much excitement about the movie as I had. We both completely geeked out about it together. I shouldn’t be surprised – we’re a lot like. In life but also Pop Culture wise. We fan girl with each other. When we adore an  actress, we pronounce her QUEEN.

Queen Lena. Queen Margot. Just plain Queen.

Ragnar is our Bae (yes, we sometimes/not all the time, use Bae – deal with it)

It was only then that I felt okay. I felt accepted and validated. My friend hadn’t meant to do this but nevertheless, she did.

When you have those moments, when the people in your life not only embrace your type of crazy but encourage it. It not only makes you thankful for those people but also sadly makes you take a look at the ones that don’t


You start to re-evaluate your time spend and things said

I don’t know if that’s because of the age we’re at, if it’s maturity or it’s just learning  the difference. Maybe it your capacity to put up with things you don’t like diminishes as you get older.

It whatever it maybe, it makes you thankful

Always spend more time with, talking to and associating with the ones that embrace your crazy. Embrace you at your good and bad – even if they don’t quite understand it.

It’s great if we have a difference of opinion but embrace the differences too

So yes, when this movie finally gets released on that fateful Thursday – I have the day of work on the Friday – just to see it.

I’ll see it, I’ll embrace, I’ll enjoy it and then I will move on because it is just a movie after all but I can enjoy the excitement until then

Because that is who I am


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