Lets Face It – Carrie and Other Cows


Carrie Bradshaw was a bitch, lets face it

It wasn’t Adien’s fault that she burnt her leg on the oven, when he brought her up to his cabin for the weekend and it wasn’t Aiden’s fault when she didn’t save her work and she blame him when her computer broke down

It’s writer/author 101 – save your work and back it up. Some of us even save it on our computers, megabyte and carry a usb around in our handbags, just in case my place burns down. Ok fine, only I do that but I’m paranoid. I can admit it.

It wasn’t Carrie’s friend’s fault that someone else stole her expensive shoes at a party

And Honey – if a guy calls you Cookie – no matter what you think the relationship to him is – he wants to do you.

And Big didn’t want to put his name on the engagement card, big woop – pun intended

Don’t get me wrong I loved the show and whenever I’m home and it’s on tv I’ll watch it . I enjoy  it but sometimes I do have a problem with it.

I was watching on Saturday  and it was the episode when  Carrie finds out that Big and Natasha got married. She spent the whole episode feeling insecure and bitching about Natasha – in poor Natasha’s defense, it wasn’t her fault that she met Big in Paris. During the episode, I was struck by a line when Carrie said

Are there women in New York who are just there to make us feel bad about ourselves?

The short answer is no. Eleanor Roosevelt said ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent’ and I have never heard something more true in my life

Natasha and the rest of the woman you think are making you feel bad – aren’t actually doing that – The only person doing that to you sweetheart, is yourself


When it comes down to it. When you string all the drama queen events together. Carrie Bradshaw was a pretty unlikable character – if you don’t want your boyfriends dog who lives in your apartment  not to chew your seven hundred dollar shoes – don’t put then on the floor

So if Carrie was so unlikable – why did we tune in every week?

We loved to watch her to see what she would do next and she had redeemable qualities. Deep down underneath the mega drama queen antics and wrong turns she was a good person just trying to find her way

We had sympathy for her.  We wanted her to get to Paris and we wanted her to have her happy ending – whatever that may be.

She was endearing – when Charlotte lost her baby, Carrie was the first one there to hold her hand. When Miranda’s mother died, she was there and when Samantha’s boyfriend was in a terrible play – she was front row center

Carrie had a heart but she was also human and sometimes humans are unlikable

I had been writing a WIP for a long time and was up to my third draft when I realized the story didn’t work. The people who was reading it pointed out that the guy was so in love with her and so sweet that it made my heroine unlikable because she would push him away and why would he keep coming back. My answer was always – well, he loves her. I thought that was enough.

I thought by making the scars of past relationships and her fear being the enemy of the story was enough.

The truth was that it wasn’t. I had made the guy good to be true and I made her cold and confusing

After three drafts I couldn’t make their story  work and as much as it killed me to let that story go but I didn’t know who to make her more likable and to tell you the truth it was pretty melodramatic in places

I am the first draft had a secret husband and a secret child – Oh my

I am still secretly working on it in my head. I refused to let these two go to fictional heaven – they just have to bubble in my cauldron for a little while longer.

The thing is it’s tricky. Your characters can’t be too likable – all cupcakes and unicorns but they also can’t be too dark either. So we find ourselves is a Goldie Locks situation. Not too hot and not too cold


The only thing we can do is  put on our Manolo Blahnik’s and keep writing.  Figure it out along the way.

Because when we do get it right – it is worth

Unlikable characters or not



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