Tip Your Waitress & Try The Veal


Hi My Loves,

I’ve always ever since I was little, I mean really little I’ve always wanted to live in different places, a lot of places. I’ve always had my wanderlust soul. I’ve always secretly wanted to be a gypsy – though when I was little I thought that if I was a gypsy I could dress like Esmeralda. A part of me still wants that because how good did she look

So this week I did a little research – The west coast has been speaking to me lately. Los Angeles and San Diego – let’s start there. What’s the harm. I don’t want anything  forever, A month in each place, I’ll be moving around a lot. Rent a place and I’ll just be a waitress of something – easy

My friend Kylie is a waitress overseas. She is the most beautiful ray of light with bright purple hair and a heart the size of the planet. A waitress  is something I have never been, on account of I dislike most people. Well, okay I don’t most dislike people but sometimes the world puzzles and irritates me. Especially rude, ungrateful people – which servers, waitresses, bar staff always come up against.

That’s why I always go out of my way to be nice to servers because  they are human, I may well be the only nice person they have encountered that day and well, I’m not an Asshole

Working customer service in one of only two services centres in the state, for an extremely large company was enough. At least when I was on the phone  I could roll my eyes while keeping my voice happy and inviting, all whist thinking of ways I could make the person on the phone stop  talking  – normal they weren’t pleasant ways, because sometimes people are horrible

I mean on Tuesday I was waiting in line to order my second coffee of the day and I was listening  to two women ask the lady between the counter how many calories were in everything in the display case and what date everything had been made. Even the Mud Cake – I mean, hmm let me think, calories, Mud Cake – hmm – a lot



I mean – seriously

As it turns out. Dreams don’t cost anything but reality hurts like a bitch.

Echo Park Rent: 2700 a month – 675 a week

San Diego Rent: 2600 a month for a nice house – 650 a week

Waitress salary before tax. Without tips

$401 a week.

Cue the Apocalypse Now theme song  as the reality napalm descend on my Wanderlust dreams



I mean we know they don’t get paid much but geez, wow and holy shit with the no money. They have to worry about each penny, while having a smile on their face as people treat them like the help

Servers do not get paid enough to put up with your ‘my Iced, Half Caff, Ristretto, Venti, 4-Pump, Sugar Free, Cinnamon, Dolce Soy Skinny Latte – wasn’t at the right temperature’ attitude.

Ain’t no one got time for that.

We all go through it. The poor years. We’re saving up for things. A house, school fees, day care, three kids and one income, retirement. Wanting to become a traveling gypsy  We skimp, we save, we go without. Mac n cheese becomes your best friend and so do the extra few pounds on your ass because of the Mac n cheese becoming your best friend. We do it. We get through it and sometimes if we are lucky, we fall into a comfortable life

If you are in this comfortable life at this present time or you’re not and you feel like being an amazing person. Can I ask one thing of you? Not always but sometimes

Remember the tip jar on the counter.

You know the five or ten in your pocket or that is going to weigh down your wallet or handbag.

Put it in the tip jar.

It may be five cents but it might make a huge difference in someone’s day


Don’t be a dick to your server


Don’t act like a dick anywhere

For the love of god



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