The Opportunity Of The Unexpected

{Photo From Aquabumps}

Hi My Loves,

We have been hit with the last heatwave of the Summer season, which I am utterly blissfully thankful for.Not for the heatwave but the fact that it is the last of Summer. I’m not a summer person. Don’t get me wrong I love the warmth and the sun. More daylight to live your life. Summer seems more open to possibilities then  any other season and I love endless possibilities. I, however hate forty degree days (that hundred and 4 Fahrenheit, for you playing at home),  the inability to get or stay cool and I’ve never been one to sit and puddle.

I’m a winter baby. Warm clothes, blankets and hot drinks. Winter seems more intimate and loving somehow.

One of my favourite people in the insta-world posted something yesturday morning that hit me with one of those moments of ‘yeah’.  You know those moments  when you read or see something and it hits your soul. She does this often, so I really should be surprised by it.

She wrote about what the new month and season upon us might offer us. Expect the unexpected and to embrace the unexpected, even if it is the last thing we think we want or need.

Everything is a chance to grow and an opportunity for something more. Something better even if we can’t see what is yet.

As I’ve been saying this year

Go into life with open eyes, open mind, open heart and open arms

Embrace the new season and what it might bring into your life.



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