Weekend Wonders


Hey Buttercup,

So this week I became the stereotypical white girl. I went to the farmers market, after yoga. My one redeeming factor was that I had a regular latte in my hand instead of a pumpkin spice latte. Then I listened to a lot of Jack Savoretti and actually did some writing work. I’ve always promised myself that I would learn a little French, just so I could sing the French parts of the song Autumn Leaves . A strange goal, yes but who cares. This is a strange world. You  know you can rent a private jet to Cuba for eleven thousand dollars. This maybe a strange world, we live in but we have to love it…

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One thought on “Weekend Wonders

  1. A little French hey? I remember some from high school if you just want a little lol. What’s really frustrating is when I mix French with Hungarian and compensate for words I don’t know in either language with English, absolutely making no sense whatsoever. French kind of makes sense and is fairly easy to pick up but Hungarian has 50 words for the same bloody thing! I seriously have no hope…

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