My Wanderlust Soul Is A Bitch

{Photo by Layla Genovese}
{Photo by Layla Genovese}

Hi My Loves,

So let me tell you about having a Wanderlust soul.

This is a word I’d never known about until a friend of mine introduced me to it. Wanderlust ~ a strong desire to travel.

You would think once you start, that urge to travel and see the world would shut the heck up. With the waiting in endless lines at the airport and freaking out that your bag will not be there. The fear yet excitement of a new place, you know nothing about. You would think little Wanderlust would shut the heck up, I’m telling you now, it doesn’t.

{Photo courtesy of C Greentree}
{Photo courtesy of C Greentree}

Wanderlust becomes a pig-headed child with its arms crossed, stomping its foot. Bugging you, where the heck you’ll go next.

Its screaming California at me and loudly.

I’ve tried throwing chocolate at it from a distance – didn’t work

I’ve tried telling it that the bank account will not allow it – Wanderlust told me to shut up and stop being a baby

My wanderlust is a bitch

So I looked it up – I looked up Coachella and I looked at the cost. I planned it as if I am the new Kardashian Kimba and only the best will do. Including a few nights at the Chateau Marmont because if I am going to save money – I might as well do it right. Tents at Coachella with king sizes beds and showers.

Fifteen thousand dollars later – I have my sum and saving plan. Starting in the new year because bills and Christmas are also a bitch

It will take me a while but I will get there

The universe and that bitch wanderlust will know how stubborn I can be and it will shock them.

Apparently my soul isn’t just happy with England, Paris and Rome. Oh, no no. that is the tip of the iceberg and a trip back to two of those places is on the list too, god damn it.

Big sacrifices for long time gain

Coachella you will be mine

And next stop


Music festival central here I come



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