Listen, Learn and Be Brave


Hi My Loves,

Late last year I was reading Sara Bareilles book Sounds Like Me –  I have recently crawled from under the rock that I have been living under and discovered her music and it changed my life. Not in a wow, now I am a completely different person now, type way but in a – wow, her music goes straight down into my soul, type way. In a – can this chick read my thoughts, type way.

The whole book is amazing; you get a little insight into her life pre music and fame, life on the road, connecting with people and what is to come next. It feels as if she is sitting in the room across from you, just having a chat. It’s personal and wonderful.

There was a moment in the book that hit me over the head like an Acme Anvil. Sara preformed with Carole King and of course Sara was freaking out. Suddenly she felt a hand on her back and it was Carole

She said to Sara


Everyone Is Going To Love You

Just Get Out Of Your Own Way

We have all been there right? I know that is me all the time. We can have massive amounts of faith and belief in someone else. We have the kind words of encouragement. Knowing that one day everything they have ever wanted will be theirs for the taking but when it’s our own dreams and aspiration that courage to go out and get it, just isn’t there

Why is it so hard to just believe in ourselves.

Our Talents, Our Dreams

It’s so damn hard.

Especially as writers.

Writing is so personal. We put a little bit of ourselves in every character and word. It’s hours of our life in one tiny room, looking at a tiny screen. Struggling to get it right and when we do, we’re proud but months, years later when we re-read the work we were so proud…….we hate it. We pull it apart and start again. Promising ourselves that this time it will be prefect.

Can it ever be prefect?

Is good enough – enough?

That’s why we must always have writer friends. Artists friends because they understand it. They will nod their head and smile encouragingly.

The first time I did this – actually spoke about just how much I needed it to be right – it was to my friend Kym. Kym and I go back almost decades (yes, multiple of decades) We met in high school. We were cheeky in high school. We weren’t that good at Math and used to weave the ear phone of Kym’s Walkman up the sleeve of our teal school jumper/sweaters and listen to the Beatles.

Kym is now a teacher of the arts and I’m in a nine to five job were maths is pretty essential, go figure. See who needs algebra

Anyway it had been years since we had seen each other. We were catching up on life now – well, where we were at the time and I said

You know, I’m just want to get it as right as I possibility can.

Kym turned to me and adamantly nodded her head and said

No, you have too. It has to be right to you. You’ll get there

And I stood there and wanted to hug her and finally, someone understood.

Creative souls understand each other. If you don’t have any in your tribe, find some. Go out and make new friends We all need each other. To encourage each other like no one else can.

I’m lucky enough to have writers, artist and musician in my tribe. I probably have more faith in them then they do at times, especially when they get knocked down.

Let’s face the creative road is a difficult one. We’ll all get knocked down. Hearts ripped out of our chests. We take miss steps, we trip but at the end of the day. It gives us something to write about.

I’ll bring it back to Sara. I hope she gives you as much courage as she gives me. Listen, learn and be Brave



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