Weekend Wonders


Hi My Loves,

So this week has been a sad one. We lost the great David Bowie and it took us all by surprise. He was one of those icons and idols  that you never believed could die, even though deep down inside we know that he was just a man and death is a way of life. In the words of one of my other idols – Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings. Where we had shoulders. Smooth as raven’s claws

The man himself may leave us but he’s ever changing and sweet persona will stay with us and I believe inspire many yet to come

I found Bowie – not surprisingly, for those who know me and my love for the muses that inspired others, through Edie Sedgwick and Cyrinda  Foxe  better known as Jean Genie and  Lorraine in Watch That Man (…No one took their eyes off Lorraine, She shimmered and she strolled like a Chicago moll, Her leathers looked better and better – it was so-so…)

I guess for the ones who weren’t around for Bowie’s  first  musical appearance in the world found him in other ways. Much to all my friends chagrin – I still haven’t seen Labyrinth – I’ve always promised them that I would and I will but maybe not too soon. Judging be my reaction when the news broke, I may be  a little emotional

I read a tweet on Monday night  “The world is 4.5 billion years old and we have lived at the same time as David Bowie; that reason alone is enough to make me smile”  The greatest loss will be felt by the ones closest to him. Not our Bowie but the David Jones , the father, the friend, the husband ( both Iman and Angie) It can’t be easy to lose him but also share him with the rest of the world in life but in death

So this weekend. Play your favorite Bowie song and celebrate his life I’ll put a few Bowie links below, to get you started

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A Dance From Guilderland




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