Two Italian Waiters, An Irish Bartender in Paris and The Most Beautiful Man I’ve Seen In My Life (Well, So Far)

{Photo by Layla Genvoese}
{Photo by Layla Genvoese}

Hi My Loves,

I have been absent of late and I miss you all but I have been fighting with my Muses  and lot has happened since I have been gone.

Mainly, I just to five countries in two weeks and I haven’t quite recovered. I still long for Paris. We flew in to London at eleven at night and woke up the next morning and just hit the ground running. I saw more than I thought possible in two weeks, met some amazing people and fulfilled a promise I made at the age of six – but more on that another day.

Many things on the bucket list were ticketed off and I ate my body weight in macaroons. Walked down the same stairs that Marie Antoinette did, stood at the burial spot of a king and his wife.

{Photo by Layla Genvoese}
{Photo by Layla Genvoese}

I ate the best ice cream I’ve ever eaten – in England, nonetheless

Cried in a French cemetery, cried at the site of Notre Dame. All happy/bitter sweet tears.

Drank more wine in two weeks than ever before  in my life ( and continued to after I came home). Also found a new found love for cheese

{Photo by Layla Genovese}
{Photo by Layla Genovese}

But there are a few things I wish I had known so here we go

Things I wish I could tell my past self

  • Stop worrying – you’ll be fine
  • Stop worrying when you’re in Heathrow. Your bag will eventually show up. They didn’t leave it in Dubai
  • The Vatican is bigger then you’ll ever realised
  • In Italy cappuccinos are for the morning, soft drink/soda is for lunch, wine for dinner and espresso after dinner
  • Although good looking men are in abundance in Italy – The men in France are so good looking, you will make you lose your track of thought and make you just stare
  • If you want a non-english speaking waiter to flirt with you – order a Cappuccino and Tiramisu after dinner. He’ll playfully roll his eyes at you and think you’re an idiot but he’ll think you’re a cute idiot – so win-win
  • English men dress to impress.
  • English gay men will befriend you in small pubs in Camden  and be a source of entertainment for the rest of the night. Also free drinks.
  • You will met an Irish bartender in Paris. He’s cute, he’ll be impressed that you order Jack Daniels but also playfully make fun of you. Refusing to serve you your drink, because he doesn’t want to break up a fight. When your friend tells him

‘It’s okay, we’re aussies’  He’ll lovingly reply ‘I know, that’s why I’m saying it’

  • You will never see sooooo many Starbucks stores then when you are in London
  • You miss your cousin more then you know. You won’t realize it until you see her. You’ll spend 45 mins in said Starbucks talking non-stop. She’ll also sweet talk your way onto the platform they actually filmed Harry Potter on because she’s the one with magical powers
  • You’ll never be able to not laugh when the tube announcer says ‘Cockfosters’

Most Importantly:

  • Bring your trench coat, hat and thigh high boots – Wear them the day you go to the Eiffel Tower – it may set off a chain of events that changes your life.

Let me explain:

If you do

You’ll get caught in a rainstorm but continue to walk down the street  getting soaked. You’ll walk along the bridge where Adele filmed the ‘Someone Like You’ video (you know that song that got you through so much in 2011)

You will find refuge in a mini shopping center on Champs-Elysees. Then proceed to see the most beautiful man you have ever seen in your life. He’ll look like a three piece suit wearing, sleek backed haired, splitting image of Ragnar Lodbrok

When this happens, you will be wearing said trench coat, hat and thigh high boots – you will look prefect. (not like a drowned rat, as you were in September)


Make eyes at French Ragnar

Flirt in broken French/most all English with French Ragnar

Go out to lunch with French Ragnar

Have many ridiculously good looking babies with French Ragnar and live out your days in Paris as Lady French Ragnar

Trust me



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