Monday Music: Coldplay

coldplay_H_0514.c5f0c6b69bfabbf23c3ffe5675e242e7Hi My Loves,

So I guess I fell under the banner of ‘Who do these guys think they are? U2? Pfft!’ banner when it comes to this band and I’ll admit to it and I’ll also admit that it was a mistake and that I was very wrong

Yes I am talking about Coldplay

It wasn’t actually the music that had me spellbound, or made me first fall in love with this band but the band and the frontman that caught my attention.

A few years back there was major bush fires that hit the state of Victoria and it was horrific – oddly enough at the same time there were massive floods two states away in Queensland. So as Aussies do we all got together (meteorically and for some physically) and helped each other out.

One of those ways was a benefit concert in both Sydney and Melbourne. It was a star studded line up. Aussie band Jet preformed at both Sydney and Melbourne cricket grounds. Jack Johnson, Taylor Swift, Kings of Leon, Wolfmother, Kylie Minogue and Coldplay. Luckily all where touring the country

It went on for hours and it is something that I will never forgot it.

This is when I first musically met Coldplay.

Why was I so impressed by them this day?


Chris Martin in the spur of the moment, jumped off the stage ran into the crowd towards the end of their song  Fix You. He must have run if not the whole Sydney cricket ground oval, it was most of it. He embraced a number of fans, high fived people as he was running along. When he was done, he jumped back on stage. Said to the band or mouthed to the band ‘I’m F88ked’ and continued the best he could to finish the song.

Can you imagine relaxed and upbeat as fans spread out on picnic blankets with friends have a great time – oh look, there goes Chris Martin.

It was an epic moment and in that most Coldplay won my musical heart and I opened the door to their music.

It was the opening strings of “Viva La Vida” that won me over and quickly followed by the lyrics of “Fix You”

I recently watched a movie called To Write Love On Her Arm – which featured this song in a simple yet very emotional scene that left me curled up in the corner of my sofa with tears streaming down my face – it a weird way it made me feel alive

Coldplay came up in the mould of Radiohead, R.E.M, and U2 but kind of broke that mould and repaired it to fit them – which in the music industry is rare. It could have been the type of situation of square peg and round hole but that hasn’t stopped the band. They have made people listen, as they did me. They win hearts one song at a time



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