Cool Links For Cool People

tumblr_nou22b4SXZ1shcsbco1_540Hi My Loves,

This week I’ve finished Chris Perez’s book To Selena, With Love. I thought it was impossible to love those two people anymore then I already did. I was wrong. The book is so beautiful. Pick it up. I’m now starting The Testament of Youth which will quickly followed by Suite Francaise – I fear tears will flow like a river. I hope everything is sunny in your world

Here are your cool links for a Friday

At Home With Reese Witherspoon

19 Best Drugstore Products You’re Not Using

What Is Our Worth?

Jazz Era That Must Come Back

Introducing Rastafarian Targaryen & Kit Snow

Two Neighbourhoods And Lots Of Opportunities To Eat Along The Way

I Need One of These

Hangovers + Age = Nooooooo

11 Successful Women

33 Of The Weirdest Children’s Books EVER!



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