Music Monday:Sara Bareilles

sara bareilles -2

Hi My Loves,

So the good thing about dropping your ipod twice in one day – and breaking it the second time around, is that you  get to dust off your old ipod from 2008 and discover  the music you used to listen too. Some music you forgotten about and some music that you didn’t give a real good chance the first time around. This week’s artist was one of those people and some of that music

Everyone has heard of Sara Bareilles – unless you live on mars – but anyhow this past fortnight was the first time I actually sat down and listened. I mean really listen. It was her song Love On The Rocks was the one that caught my attention  then quickly followed by City  a few days later. There was something about the lyrics ‘You got your wolves in their clothes whispering Hollywood’s name’ that made my head snap back and my brain say whaaaaaa!

There was something about a song about a girl being in a big city that spoke to me I guess. That and given the fact that I’ve been thinking of Los Angeles a lot lately, might have had something to do with it also.

For many of us, her album Little Voices was the first time hearing Sara’s voice and hearing her soul when she sings. It was mine too. I brought the album for her hit Love Song. It sat in my cabinet for years. I crossed it over to my old ipod but didn’t give the whole album a go until a few weeks ago. Truth be told, back in the day when I brought the album, I skipped over every other song and listened to the song I brought the album for. Now I skip over Love Song and listen to every other song repeatedly.

Truth be told Sara Bareilles is much more than a one hit wonder or the queen of soundtracks. I wish I had discovered that way back then


A few years later, when I had over-listened to Love Song I found the last song of that same album, called Gravity. This is a song I will never tire of. It’s a song with so much heart and she lays her soul bare, with this one. You feel the pain that she was in when writing it. It’s a song I’m been teaching myself to sing, I’m still trying but getting better each time.

I feel like I’ll spend the next few years trying to prefect her song City


There are only a handful of singers that have made me want to walk in the footsteps. Melody Gardot, Katey Sagal, Cher and now Sara Bareilles. A singer that inspires you to sing is what life is all about, right?

Clearly I am not the only person that has been spellbound by this talented lady.  She has opened for Marc Broussard and Maroon 5. Fans of Sarah McLachlan and Alicia Keyes or Fiona Apple will love her work but oddly enough when I listened to Little Voices, I mean actually listened, on a very cold Sydney morning, bundled up and on my way to work. The musician that she reminded me most of was Laura Nyro – maybe because a discovered Ms Nyro’s music only last year.

I wasn’t surprised that Sara had been included in an on stage tribute to Laura Nyro and her songs fit Sara like a glove.

So I may be a little late to the game when it comes to this talented lady’s music but I am excited to jump into the ocean and buy every album I can find

Because musicians that inspire are the best kind.




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