Cool Links For Cool People

0e3cef17d3a712ea7746f528dd025785Hi My Loves,

This week I saw a pale guy wearing a Rastafarian hat carrying an amp down  the road. I saw a teenage boy in pink underwear with white polka dots, sticking out of their jeans, carrying a copy of the goldfinch. On closer inspection, the teenage boy was a middle age woman.  A girl wearing a pink tutu and black combats boots and a three year old, eating a pretzel  that was the size of the child head. No one said  that this world is boring.

Here are your cool links for a Friday

Something To Get You Moving

You Got It (The Right Stuff)

My Typical Workday

Outdated Phrases We All Still Use

If You Find A Weirdo

Tips For Clear Skin

No Recipe Miso Soup

Freebies For New Mama Bears

Things To Know Before Moving To NYC

My All Time Favorite Photobomb



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