Music Monday: Amos Lee


Amos Lee (Born Ryan Anthony Massaro) is a Rock, Soul, Blues, Folk sing-songwriter from Philadelphia, Lee worked as a second grade school teacher and as a bartender at local music venues. He performed at “open mic” events in the area was hired as an opening act for artists like B.B. King

The world started to listen, how could they not. The guy is extremely talented.

He is an artist that once you hear, you will always remember him. You wonder why there is not more music like this and wonder what it will be like to hear him 25 years from now and remember when you first listened to him. He is kind of a hybrid of the seventies genres of folk rock and soul, for me. There is something very old school, yet also very today

The friendship between Lee’s manager and the manager for Bob Dylan resulted in Lee touring with Dylan as his opening act in early 2005. If that doesn’t speak to his talent, I don’t know what can.


I think it was only a few years later when I heard him while watching a show one night. It was one of those moments when I had to stop the show and looking up who was singing because his voice literally stopped my world spinning until I could jump on to itunes so I could buy the song and later listen to it on repeat for days, which I did. But then I craved more. Once you go through his music, you find out how diverse he can be .Going from angst, melancholy and raw emotion, to something like his song Sweet Pea  which is cute and funny. He can also be very poignant with songs like Chill In The Air

You guys just need to find which Amos Lee fits you. Which songs move you because I promise you’ll find something that speaks to you. He is just that type of artist




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