Cool Links For Cool People

tumblr_nmuamlEFVS1qcpacio1_540Hi My Loves,

Well it is Friday again. Gotta love how amazing networking can be. I’ve met and chatted to some special people this week, from across the world and from right in my backyard in Surrey Hills and reconnected with my soul sister. As I said on Tuesday, life is all about connection and those conversations that are actually about something, the conversations that mean something, where you say things that you never thought you would tell anybody but you’re that comfortable that you just ramble on, This weekend have a real conversation, don’t just say all the things that you know you should, or say because its the right thing to say. Have a conversation about something real and have some fun.

The Beautiful Ilana Harkavy

The Best Idea For A Thirtieth Birthday

I Am So In

15 Books To Cure Your Spring Fever

Outdoor Spaces In The City

Top 10 Famous Love Letters

21 Things That Happened On “Friends” That Would Baffle Kids Today

If Ed Sheeran Songs Were About “Game Of Thrones”

The Key To Happy Living

A Totally Cool Dude



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