Haley, Alexandra and The Connections We Make


Hi Beautiful Souls,

I am great believer in the right people coming into your life at the right time. I have experienced this many times in my life. Not only do you connect with people but you take a little bit of them with you after the journey is complete. Whether you are friends or they inspire you or they are just a fleeting light in your life but through these connects your life is better.

Last year a met a beautiful gal by the name of Haley – she was nineteen at the time and been diagnosed with Cancer for the second time in her young life. Now let me tell you about Haley. I have never seen someone with such grace and beauty, in life but also in the situation she was in. Via Instagram she was saying how some days just felt like she was in the dark. Now for her to say this worried me, because it just wasn’t like her. So that night moved by her story as I was, I lit a candle, took a photograph of it and posted it. Basically telling her that I would light the candle every night and if she ever felt alone, she just needed to remember that there was a person on the other side of the world, was lighting Haley’s way. The next morning I woke up with a beautiful message from her, thanking me.

She beat cancer for a second time – and she is amazing. Instagram accounts were followed and I love watching her journey.

We were in each other’s life for a spilt second but we made a difference in each other’s life – We made a connection. She showed me strength and I gave her support, I like to think.

As I said I am great believer in the right people coming into your life at the right time and its happened again.


I’ve known Ms Alexandra Nicole Hulme has been in this world for a few years now. I stumbled across her Tumblr page a few years back. A few posts were liked either way and she is amazing. Dancer and painter, I like to think of her as a little bit of a muse. She has done many great things one of them being a dancer on Glee and a contributor on Me & Charlie

Her new project and big dream, I am blown away…

One of my dreams is to have a flower shop where flowers are still in the ground, plants are still planted – there is tea & treats and drawing on the floor.  I want to have a space where we’ll host artist workshops – to dive in, ask ourselves big questions, expand, evolve, renew and share.

Once I read about her dream, I could help but want it to happen. One because Alexandra is working so hard for it and two, I just really want to hang out there.

A place where creative person could be together

That’s the one thing about having a creative mind – it can get lonely. Not in the typical – I’m going to be all alone and old and die, type way.

Maybe lonely isn’t the right word

A creative mind is a catalyst for a plethora of self-doubt – not just in your work but more the way you live your life

We see the world with a different set of eyes. Our brains work differently and to top that off, its hard to explain because each creative mind is fueled differently. We need other creative minds around us because when your alone, you can doubt those thoughts. Why do I see the world so differently? You start to wonder if it’s normal to think the way we do.

So what does this have to do with Alexandra?

I have never met her but as I said I’ve always seen her as a bit of a muse. If I am inspired by her, you maybe too

So have a look at her new project and dream

Lulabelles Garden.



Sign up and be inspired – connect

Because we are all in this creative world together



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